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Speedling Ornamentals Magazine Campaign

I’ve worked on advertising and design projects for Speedling for over 20 years. The concept here was to show the fully-realized beauty of the Speedling seedling product. The three-ad campaign pictured here won local first place honors in the Tampa Ad Federation. It then went on to take first place in the regional competition. And then, it ultimately competed and took the first place prize in the National Addy Awards in the category of “business publication, magazine campaign.”

Johnson & Johnson Medical

Johnson & Johnson Medical's Central Station was the logical extension of its industry-leading Dinamap monitor, providing essential data to medical professionals.

When Johnson & Johnson Medical wanted to promote its disposable blood pressure cuffs the idea was to point to the two distinguishing features. One ad focusing on color coding, and the other making a point about the soft material.

Speedling Ornamentals Small Space Monthly Campaign

These were a series of small-space magazine ads that ran in several publications on a monthly basis, each promoting a particular flower. Because new photography was frequently not possible to accomplish, archive photos were converted to illustrations instead.

GTE Telecommunications Services

A clock cut in half. demonstrated the time-saving power of DASH software. CHURNMANAGER software promised fewer customers "jumping ship" to other carriers. And STREAMLINER helped manage bloated corporate accounts.

Parodontax Toothpaste

German Pharmacuetical company, Madaus GMBH, test-marketed Parodontax toothpaste in the U.S. "The toothpaste that dared to cross the gumline," was the central theme for a product that was markedly different from the typical sweet U.S. offerings.

Parodontax Toothpaste

Breaking into the health and beauty arena of package goods is a formidable task. To get a new toothpaste on store shelves, this newspaper campaign directly told consumers to ask for it, and then documented the progress.